Welcome to those who love staying in Bed & Breakfasts.

Welcome those who refuse the Air BnB. Welcome those who refuse the 5 Star hotels. Welcome those who turn there noses up at Couch Surfing.

Welcome to those who know a simple fact: there is no more relaxing place to stay than a good Bed & Breakfast. Ernest Hemingway once said that he only ever wanted to write one true sentence. Well Ernest, I think I just managed it…


An AirBnB is no home from home.

It is an empty home from home that is neither home nor holiday. It is an empty place you have to learn and then leave. A hotel is not a truly welcoming place, everything has a price tag on it, you’re ushered in and ushered out like every other lonely soul. You are up against the hotel. It is your advisory and you are inside it. It wants to take as much from you as it can and you want to give it as little as possible. You are inside Moby Dick, and you are being asked to enjoy it.


A Bed & Breakfast is a place where you are welcomed and wanted, people who run Bed & Breakfasts want to work in the Bed & Breakfast.

It was their dream to run that B&B. You are, when staying in a B&B, sharing in someone’s dream. Isn’t that wonderful? Some people may dream of being a hotelier, but they don’t dream of looking after people, they dream of running the big thing and making all the money and being a big dog, that is not the dream of the Bed & Breakfast proprietor. Ohhhhhhhhhhh no.


There dream is to create a place where you want to be and they want to be. That is why Bed & Breakfast’s are beautiful, and that is why you should stay in them.

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