Happy Guests Lodge – Warrington

Options are somewhat short in Warrington but one independent Bed And Breakfast stands above all the rest.

With exceptionally clean rooms, good food and an ever growing and impressive list of free facilities the place really glows amongst its competition. Free gym membership, free discounts, free continental breakfast, free wifi access, free guest parking, free route planner.  Now that’s a lot of free stuff.


It is the highest rated accommodation of any kind in Warrington, according to travellers the place is “helpful in every respect”, “Always spot on for service and cleanliness, very friendly proprietor”, “A great place to stay for work”, “Hidden gem!”,  “Personal, friendly and very comfortable stay” and “Dave Roberts”, a man had a “Good two night stay in this funky hotel”. And another saw “Happy Guests at the Happy Guest Lodge”.

But definitely not racist TripAdvisor user ‘AA’ said there was “Bad customer service, grumpy and rude Chinese lady”. Apparently “The Chinese lady was very rude and kept stopping me when i was coming in and out with allways a negative comment. Bad experience due to bad manners.”. Whilst it is unclear who the Chinese lady is, what she was doing there, what her role was at the hotel and what it was that she did that was so awful, and why her being Chinese matters, it is clear that she is a real problem.

On reading the B&B’s response however, the plot thickens…

“This Guest is not as stated on their Trip Advisor profile a women, but a local man and Trip Adviser have been informed. This local Guest, for reasons we can only guess, seemed motivated to try his best to disrupt our business during his stay and then damage it afterwards…On his first night after being told at Check-in that Reception closes at 10pm he called the hotel using his mobile phone at 11pm… he then went to the Reception Desk and rang the emergency bell in order to get attention. The urgency of his late night request, was to order room service, in order to have his breakfast delivered to his room each day, which we did.”

So far he certainly seems an awkward customer, but then it really picks up and the accusations start flying…

“On the morning of his final full day he told our House Keeper, that the Manager had left instructions that the cleaner should change his sheets and ordered her to do so – this was total fiction. The reason he made this story up was because he wanted his sheets changed as he planned to entertain a lady friend most of the night, when only paying for a single room.”

(See full review/response here: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g2163277-d1473117-Reviews-Happy_Guests_Lodge-Dutton_Warrington_Cheshire_England.html)

And it is here that we get a glimpse into the soul of Warrington, the consistent references to him as a ‘Local man’ or ‘local guest’: “It is just a real shame that local Guests like this, with questionable motives, can con sites”, “Not a women, but a local man”, “this local Guest”, “this local Guest booked the wrong dates” and ‘local reviewers like this, whose only motive is to damage our business, just make us so sad!!’.

What is this obsession with the locality of the man? Is there a self-hating streak in Warrington identity? Is there a class dynamic here? Are the B&B owners ashamed of their Warrington location? Perhaps their superiority as the best accommodation in town has led them to perceive themselves with a degree of separation from the local population, and now hate to be reminded of the community they are truly part of. They so enjoy hobnobbing with those who pass through, is it the knowledge that those business people they meet will indeed hold locals in contempt, and the owner trying to stay on the right side of their prejudice? Or perhaps simply using it to blind them to a potentially problematic Chinese lady? Who knows, this one’s a real can of worms…

TOP TIP: Very strange local fact, but there are a string of fantastic Warrington orangeries and conservatories in the area which you’ll notice as you take a walk around the place. They really stand out, you can’t miss them!

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